Feed ‘Em, Fuck ‘Em, And Leave Them Alone

Ladies, ladies, ladies….don’t get lazy! They say the key to a happy life is a happy wife, but this is also true for that special man in your life. It’s easy to get caught up in your everyday routine and not remember to slow down for romance, take time for a favorite meal or leave your man alone. Put the hustle and bustle aside and take time to care for your lover by following 3 simple tips.


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1. Avoid a “Hangry Man” by Cooking a Nice Meal for the Poor Guy

What is your guy’s favorite meal? My man loves beef stroganoff, creamy soups with garlic toast, and green chile enchiladas. You might be tired and not feel up for making such a meal, but just do it. You will feel proud that you took a little extra time to consider someone else and no one better than the love of your life. My man also likes cold juice. I know this sounds silly, but it makes him happy so I serve him icy cold juice. This makes him smile.


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Think of what you are going to make ahead of time or find a new recipe to make the process a little more fun for you to prepare. Set the table in a new location perhaps by the fireplace surrounded with pillows and candles or out on the patio that is never utilized. Set the mood with music he likes, put on a sexy dress and turn that hangry man into a happy man.

2. Take the Initiative to Get Frisky


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A man loves a confident woman. Take charge in the bedroom, especially if you are not the one to usually make the first move. It is fun to surprise him when he least expects it. Try this. Your significant other walks in the door from work, you pretend you have been bundled up from just stepping in the door yourself and then surprise- drop the coat and underneath you are wearing sexy lingerie or nothing. This should get a rise out of him. You might also try sneaking in the shower with him or driving to a romantic lookout. You know what happens next. Special surprises like these will definitely leave your man satisfied.

3. Leave Him in Peace


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A girl love to talk a guy’s ears off. Most of the time he enjoys listening to you, but sometimes the best way to please your man is to shut up and get out of the house. Call a girlfriend instead to talk about whatever is on your mind that your lover might not want to hear. Vent about the day and get it all off your chest before returning home. Maybe you know a good football game is on, so you already have dinner prepared in the fridge. All he has to do is heat it up, sit back and relax in peace. Let him get a solo night in here and there and he will appreciate you even more when you return home.